(Please note that this schedule is subject to minor changes.)

Sunday June 4th
What does it mean to work, live, study, and teach in the region?
What do we mean by the term “Rust Belt”?
Introductions and Definitions

I. Community-Based Storytelling

Monday June 5th
Solutions Journalism, Community Journalism, and Hyper-Local Journalism
Dr. Katharine Trostel introduces the institute and discusses community-centered journalism

Community-Based Journalism: Storytelling Ecosystems in the Rust Belt
Community Based Journalism Panel

EDWINS Leadership and Restaurant Institute
Tuesday June 6th
Defining the Canon: Rust Belt Literature

The Edith Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards
Karen Long of The Cleveland Foundation

II. Race, Place, and Rooted Solutions

Wednesday June 7th
Divided by Design: A Teaching Resource

Belt Magazine with Raechel Anne Jolie

Raechel Anne Jolie discusses her memoir, Rust Belt Femme
Thursday June 8th
Narratives of Redlining and Structural Inequity

Project Noir
Chinenye Nkemere & Bethany Studenic of Enlightened Solutions

Cleveland in 50 Maps
Dan Crissman (editor) and cartographers Evan Tachovsky and David Wilson
Friday June 9th
Historic Preservation: Revitalizing the Rust Belt

Symposium and Working Groups
Institute members showcase their work and discuss the week.

Film Screening and Discussion
Saturday June 10th
Historic Preservation and Food Culture in Cleveland
West Side Market

Historic Preservation and Eliminating a Food Desert
Heinen’s grocery store in the Historic Cleveland Trust
Boat tour of the Cuyahoga River
Chateau Hough
Sunday June 11th
Environmental Justice and Community Health
Farmer Jones Farmers Market

Community Health and Recreation
Rid-All Green Ghetto farms
Cleveland Food Bank
Euclid Beach Metropark
Karamu House

III. Environmental Humanities and Community Health

Monday June 12th
Disparities in the City: Making Connections with Public Data
Dr. Lynn Ulatowski and Dr. Jenise Snyder on using public data to make evidence-based assessments of environmental and health disparities in Cleveland

Public Health and Distributive Justice
A discussion with Dr. Jacob Waldenmaier on data-driven bioethical assessments and solutions

Unpacking Environmental Racism
The Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition

Film Screening and Discussion
Tuesday June 13th
Working Groups

Community Health
Presentation and Q&A with Rust Belt Riders, environmental and food stewards who have changed the landscape of food waste in Cleveland

Film Screening and Discussion
Project Drawdown; ReFED; “The Soil Will Save Us” (Kristin Ohlson); “The Third Plate” (Dan Barber)
Wednesday June 14th
Towards an Environmental Humanities in the Rust Belt
Dr. Lynn Ulatowski and Dr. Jenise Snyder on ways to address environmental issues in the humanities classroom and opportunities for cross-disciplinary work

Community Health Disparities
The Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition

Film Screening and Discussion
Thursday June 15th
Community Solutions I
Allison Lukacsy-Love of Give Box Cleveland

Community Solutions II
Owusua Yamoah on innovation in social, cultural, and public health

Rust Belt Literature
Rust Belt Vegan Kitchen
Friday June 16th
Next Steps
Working Groups

Community Solutions III
Virtual author talk with an Anisfield-Wolf winner from the 2023 cycle

Working Groups, Discussions, Screenings, Networking
Saturday June 17th
Knowledge and Culture in Cleveland
The Cleveland Public Library
The Cleveland Museum of Art
Historic Cleveland Orchestra
Sunday June 18th
Field Map

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